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ACT Dental
Practice Resources

Free Downloads, Resources and Tools you can use in your practice right away to create a Better Practice and a Better Life.

One Page
Strategic Plan

With this one-page template you can clearly define your practice goals and strategic plan. Download today and start putting shape to your vision.


Systems & Checklist
Support Guide

Working with your team to create and implement systems and checklists is key for building a solid foundation in the practice.


Productive Downtime Tasks Your Practice Needs

Creating this critical system should be quick and easy, and once it’s up and running, every team member will know how to utilize their free time.


Tips for Talking Dental
Insurance Benefits

Nothing induces anxiety and frustration in a dental office quite like conversations around dental insurance. These 4 quick tips will help.


2 Tips To Get Your Patients To Value Dentistry

In order to value your dentistry, patients have to know and understand what it is worth. Use these two tips to get patients to value your work.


7 Phone Phrases To Fill Your Schedule

We’ve compiled the 7 most powerful phone phrases from high performing practices to improve call conversions to appointments. 


7 Golden Rules of Scheduling for Higher Profits & Happier Team

Learning how to schedule your patients leads to greater productivity, higher profits and improved outcomes at your dental practice. 


Dental Team New Hire To Rockstar in 3 Simple Steps 

Use this onboarding plan to take that new dental team member to high performing rockstar as quickly as possible.


5 Systems Every Dental Practice Must Have 

Use this guide to help you implement these must-have systems in your practice. Then, use our auditing tool to measure success.


5 Zones Of The Office Checklist

Build organization and predictably in your practice by finding your champion taskmaster in each area of the office.


Best Practice Meeting Tips To Eliminate Annoying Habits

Use these pro coaching tips to improve your meetings, and those habits that get in the way of progress.  


Best Practices Schedule
Brainstorm tool

Here are the top four questions to work through to build NEW schedule agreements for your practice.


9 Step Guide to Improve Collections

Download our free “9-step checklist to improve collections at your practice” for some simple, easy to implement tips.


Cash Forecasting & Cash Burn Rate Spreadsheet

Use this tool to get a handle on cash and spending, especially during these unprecedented cash fluctuations.


Budgeting for breakeven & beyond Spreadsheet

Use this sheet to know exactly that our bare minimum revenue and expenses are in order to stay out of the red.

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